Mary EI versus Lawson camping?! TBF newb

Telluride Newb. Obviously didn’t score town park or Warner :face_holding_back_tears::sob:
But how do MEI and Lawson compare? Seems MEI takes longer to get to the fest? Pros/cons of each?


Lawson is a soccer field, MEI is wooded camping along the river. You could technically walk, or easily ride a bike from Lawson into town. As far as the shuttle ride, MEI is only about 5-10 minutes longer, but way nicer camping and much more room. Lawson is next to Telluride Brewing if you like beer, and they’ll usually have a small show or two during bluegrass. There’s lots of hiking/biking accessible from both campgrounds. Personally I like MEI as a second place to Town Park.