Mary E Scoop

My first time at TBF and camping at Mary E. Ilium.

I’ve heard its much more chill than the in-town campsite, which is what we’re after, and love that we can have a campfire.

Just wondering what else we can expect there if anyone has any inside scoop.

Are there spots near the river, and do they fill up quick?

Will we be OK arriving Thursday AM? Are there trees for shade?

Any info would be awesome :slight_smile:

I stayed in Illium my first two years and I’ve been in town Park ever since. Mary E is a very chill place to camp. There are still picks, of course, but not as many as in Town Park, which can make it easier to get some sleep. There will still be spots Thursday morning, but it will be somewhat tight. Plenty of trees for shade. As for spots by the river and how fast they fill up, I have no idea.

We stayed there last year, trying Lawson Hill this year. It is very nice. It has shade and cool people. Not sure about river spots, but it is small and all sites are close to the river. The shuttle ride is not as far as I originally thought and goes constantly. You can go to the fest and come back to change or whatever and you won’t be gone that long. Enjoy! :cheers :flower

It’s been a few years since I’ve stayed in Mary(Ms. Ilium if you’re nasty), but I don’t remember any spots available right next to the river. I’m pretty sure they put police tape up around the river to prevent campsites from getting to close. That said, it’s maybe a 50’ walk to the river, and you can walk around it, just no camping so close.

One tip - buses are usually pretty quick, but around 930 - 1100 or so, the line can get a bit long. If there’s a morning set you need to see, get in line early. I missed Jerry’s solo set in 2010 because I couldn’t get my ass moving quick enough that morning, and ended up waiting in a bus line for an hour.

Also, if you’re getting there on Thursday, you’re not going to have your own fire ring. You’ll be welcomed at others’, but there’s no way you’ll be having your own fires.