Mary E. questions

I’m a newbie - 72 and doing Telluride solo. On my bucket list for a long time and so excited! Since there are only 20 campsites at Mary E., does it really matter when I get there to get a good site? Also may be selling one four day ticket and one camping ticket for Mary E. Don’t want to share my spot with an unknown, should I just keep the second camping pass? Kind of like on a travel tour paying extra for a one person reservation? Thanks!
One more question - where is the closest water source from Mary E.?

Mary E will have more than 20 sites. People will be camped all over the place. The sooner you get there the better to get a good site. The shuttles to Telluride start up on Wednesday and there will be water available on site starting then. You will make someone very happy when you sell your 4-day ticket and camping pass because holding on to those won’t do anything for you when it comes to having any control over who is camping 10 feet or less away from you. But don’t worry, Telluride people are the finest people you will ever meet.

I think you’re seeing that during regular times, Mary E only has 20 designated camp sites from the Forest Service website. But during the festival, there are hundreds of people camped there. You’ll have neighbors, but everyone is generally very friendly and respectful. It’s a beautiful place to camp regardless, with the river flowing by. It doesn’t matter how many tickets or camping passes you have, you’ll still have someone close by.

Hey there! Definitely interested in purchasing your Mary E. Camping Pass! I have a festival ticket but no where to camp/sleep, so would love to take that off your hands :slight_smile:

Does anyone know how late the busses run to Mary E?

The last bus leaves town a little after 2am. They generally stick around till the last Nightgrass show gets out.

Advise to camp to your right as you are walking into the camping area. The air coming off the river at night can result in much colder temps at sites close to the water.
We camped all the way in to the right. Little longer trek from the bus drop off at the entrance, but we had plenty of room.

Does anyone know how early the shuttle buses start running from Mary E to the festival? We’re a group of 3 camping at Mary E and we are volunteers that were assigned some 8 a.m. shifts. Want to make sure the shuttle is running early enough.

What are the shuttle hours?
Shuttle Hours:

6/15 - Wednesday: 7am - 3am
6/16 - Thursday: 7am - 3am
6/17 - Friday: 7am - 3am
6/18 - Saturday: 7am - 3am
6/19 - Sunday: 7am - 2am
6/20 - Monday: 7a - 2pm

If your volunteer shifts are prior to Wednesday, you may drive your car into town as the barricade will not be up yet.

Hi all,

So my buddy has a camping pass to Mary E, but only two single-day passes for the festival. Will they literally NOT let him use his camping pass since it says “must have 4-day pass” for Mary E? Has this always been their policy? Our tickets and camping passes are all rolled over from 2020. We had him a four-day pass but he can only attend 2 days now, so he traded it. Fortunately we can get the 4-day pass back, but it’ll be wasted money ya know.