Mary E Pickers Unite!

Just want to get a figure on who all will be picking down at Mary E this year. I myself will have a guitar along and I’m wanting to pick and sing with anyone who’ll have me. My girlfriend (festi-virgin) will be bringing a fiddle along, though she’s still trying to break out of being classical trained. We have a few fiddle tunes we are working on (Bluegrass in the Backwoods, Devil’s Dream, and Lonesome Fiddle Blues) that we would love to lead a circle through.

We are hopefully going to be camped near the entrance. We’ll be in a Sea Foam green Subaru Outback, probably with a Thule box on it. Don’t by shy, come and say hello and pick a little! :cheers

All the Headline boys will be camped at Illum. We shouldn’t be too hard to find. We’ll have a banner hanging and I’m sure we’ll be pickin’ every night.