Mary E: parking, site spots, river, etc. A few questions for veterans

:wave :wave Hey, couple of newbs here. We will be showing up to Mary E Wednesday afternoon. A few questions about the campground:

  1. Does anyone know of parking passes available? For sale or trade? I’ve got a bum knee and worry that we will have to haul our stuff deep into the campground. Can we pull the car in, unload, then park out on the road? We weren’t expecting it to be all sold out! This is going to be a helluva first time.

  2. We are a couple in our late twenties. :cheers Still like to get our groove on into the wee hours, but don’t care for any loud riffraff. Where about should we set up camp? Will it be slim pickins by the time we arrive?

  3. What’s the deal with this amazing river we’ve heard about? How close to the campground is it, and is it safe to take a dip?

This forum has been great! We are Telluride Festivirgins and need all the advice we can get. Don’t want to miss out on anything . We appreciate the help.
Also, we brought a buncha craft brews from good ol Michigan. Love to share and swap. Allen brought his bongo and I’ve got a few decks of cards. Anyone play Euchre?! :flower

I’d be curious to hear about some of this as well