Mary E Ilium - I guess the parking passes are long gone?

So where DO you park then? I guess you have to carry all your stuff in?

Noob to the festival - buying all my tickets soon.

I have a PUP - is there anywhere to camp with a PUP or is everything tents?

I camped at Mary E. in 2007, it’s a great primitive campground. It is the only official festival campground that allows open campfires. Is a PUP a popup camper? If so, you will need a vehicle pass. Unless something has changed parking is on the road leading to and away from the campground. You are allowed to drive in to drop off your gear. If you get a vehicle pass to leave your car in the campground it isn’t really a come and go as you please pass at least once the camp gets more crowded (late Tuesday / Wednesday morn), it is pretty much just to have your vehicle or pop up in the camp.


If you’re not parking IN Ilium, you’re parking on the road by the entrance. In the past, you get to drive in to drop off your stuff when you first show up, and you can drive in to load up when it’s time to go. What I don’t think you could do is drive in at any other time.

Parking on the road isn’t that big of a hassle. I suppose there might be an advantage for some people to have their car right there, for storage or something, but me, not having a in-camp parking permit isn’t a bummer at all. Once things get going you’re all about the shuttle.

A couple road-parking tips: There are spots where the shoulder drops off steeply where you are not to park. If you park on the road during a time when there isn’t someone there directing things, avoid parking near any tape and check your car when someone is there directing things to ensure there’s not a note on your car asking you to move it. After that, don’t think about your car for a couple days. :thumbsup

I recall seeing popup trailers (is that what you mean by PUP?), but you should get confirmation on that from someone other than me. You can see one in this Ilium shot.

I’ve got Ilium karma this year, happening along 10 minutes after every Ilium post.

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Pop Ups are definately allowed, I camped next to a couple last year, but I’m sure you need a vehicle pass. And if you try hard enough, you could find one. Try the ticket swap board. Good Luck :cheers

If you have a camper you will need a vehicle pass in order to have it in the campground.

There are still some vehicle passes available here.

Please note that the vehicle pass essentially acts as a camping pass for you car and allows it to remain in the campground during the festival. Each person camping will need a camping pass as well.

Also: There is a limit of 22’ for the vehicles. Anything longer will not be allowed into the campground.

Hope that helps.



:wave This is Yer LUCKY DAY !!! We have a parking pass and 2- 4 day passes plus 2 Ilium passes.
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Hi everyone! This forum has been a wealth of info but there is one question I have about Mary Ilium that I haven’t been able to find in the threads here.

I will be attending a meditation retreat in Northern Colorado that finishes on Sunday, June 14th. Rather than drive back to Wyoming, I figured I would just head on to Telluride from the retreat location on Monday morning. My camping pass for the festival is for Mary Ilium but is a “4-day pass.”

Do I need to contact the Forest Service or Planet Bluegrass to begin camping on Monday? I assume there is an additional fee I’ll need to pay for extra days. Is that campground even open that early?

Thanks in advance. You guys are a swell bunch for sure!

The Mary E. Illium campground opens on Saturday June 13th at 9am.

No need to do anything other than getting yourself to the campground safe and sound.
There will be people already festivating when you get there. :thumbsup



Thanks so much! Good to know there will already be people there. I am so excited!