Mary E clarification on 4day pass - help pls

Hi all,

So my buddy has a camping pass to Mary E, but only two single-day passes for the festival. Will they literally NOT let him use his camping pass since it says “must have 4-day pass” for Mary E? Has this always been their policy? Our tickets and camping passes are all rolled over from 2020. We had him a four-day pass but he can only attend 2 days now, so he traded it. Fortunately we can get the 4-day pass back, but it’ll be wasted money ya know.

I have a similar question. My group has all 4 single day passes as we couldn’t get any 4 day passes. We have mary e camp passes. Will be be able to stay there? Starting to freak out now.

Always had 4 day passes in the past.

Yeah you should be good with 4 single day passes. 2 single day passes won’t work