Mary E camping - wednesday arrival. are we doomed?

Hi! We are planning to arrive at Mary E on Wednesday and will be looking for camp sites for 12 people. Will that be possible? I read people line up at 6am Saturday before waiting for the campground to open! Will we be able to find something? Any tips for a 1st time TBF camper?

Things will be getting tight on Wednesday, but there will be some room, 12 is a big group for coming in Wednesday. Three suggestions: 1) if anyone in your group can arrive before Wednesday send them with a couple extra tents, and tarps to reserve space. 2) post this in the Telluride section of the Forum and see if someone is willing to save some space for you, maybe add some perks like a case of beer, or cook breakfast etc… and probably introduce yourself on the forum and tell a little about your group. 3)make sure your group has the smallest tent size needed, and you might not be able to set up a large shelter area, or you might have to split the group into smaller camps.
Best option is getting someone there Monday or Tuesday. If you were just a couple tents that wouldn’t be a problem on Wednesday. By Wednesday night it will be pretty packed in all the campgrounds!

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Thank you, Todd! Will you be camping in Mary E? I’ll bring you beer and cook you breakfast if so?!

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No, we camped there our first year though, it’s nice! There’s a few Mary E threads in here check with some of those folks.