Mary E. camping line-up protocol

I’m a bluegrass festival old-hand (E.g. Strawberry since 2001) but new to TBF (and psyched beyond words).

What is the protocol for lining up to get campsites at Mary E? I thought I saw something on the main website but now can’t find it. Do you line up and sleep in your car? Do they open the line at some absurd hour on Wednesday the 9th?

Thanks in advance and can’t wait to join the TBF community.


And basically, any insight as to when to arrive to get a good spot. We do not need to be first but dont want to show up when it is pretty full. We are thinking roll in maybe tues or wed am at the latest. We will have a car pass too. Any thoughts. Thank you.

We always get there on Monday and its pretty empty. Tuesday you should have plentiful of space left. 2018 and 2019 it was first come, first serve.

Great thank you. I think Tues is call. One more question, as we have a car pass, if we need to leave during the festival for provisions, will we be able to leave or is everyone pretty much blocked in. We would leave our tent and stuff up obviously, just to leave and get stuff and come back to our spot.

Meaning take our car and come back to the spot.

Thank you.

Here’s a good resource on the same subject from a couple years ago:

Thank you! I searched couldn’t find anything. Appreciate it

The search function is weak sauce so no worries!