Marking items as read

It’s unclear not only being able to see unread items but marking items as read in a particular group of posts. Since I’ve only been on this new forum for a short time I would think that the “Unread” tab would be a long list of items, but somehow they ended up as being read when I didn’t read them all. I hope my explanation is clear.

Only things that have been posted since you registered your account would show as ‘unread’. Since your account was registered today, you won’t have a lot of unread things!

If you want to see what you’ve missed of late, click “Latest” on the top and you can scroll back through posts to see what you missed.

Now let’s say you don’t want to have to wade through all of the Ticket Request posts, just select the “all categories” area at top and then choose the specific subcategory you’d like to explore like so: