March 3 Ticket Resale

What time will the ticket resale begin on March 3? Will there be a code word login again?

Refund deadline for existing pass holders is Friday, and the re-sale would be on a Tuesday (date not specified)

From the seetickets page: We will re-sell any refunded tickets after the refund deadline of March 3rd here on a Tuesday between 10am and 2pm mountain time.


I am on the site and there are no tickets yet…

Thanks again for all of the effort to claw back tickets from scalpers!!!

I checked the ticket site several times yesterday (Tuesday, March 7) with no resale news. I checked this morning and the tickets are on sale. By the time I looked the Four Day passes are Sold Out again.

Tickets dropped around 11 am mountain time. There were 4 day passes available for 2-3 hours, and even Mary E for a bit.