Map of festival grounds

Is there anywhere I can find a map of how the grounds are laid out? I.e. location of camping areas, location of town and location of stages.

Yes! I shall create for you an extensive detailed map done in crayon with a little legend in the bottom depicting the proper scale if you wish to measure walking distance from your tarp to the porta-pots! It will be an exquisite map done in mostly primary colors with random little crayon stick figures depicting notable personalities such as Telluride Tom (with a blue top hat), Sam Bush (with a red mandolin), and the Flying Spaghetti Monster (with yellow noodly appendages)!!! It will be of the highest quality and worthy of framing or selling on Ebay (for face value, of course…no scalping my maps!).

Does this help? Eh…probably not. Anyone else know of a map? I’ve never seen one.

OR, you can save the crayons and go here:

Or here:

Save the creativity for your Christmas cards, Hooch… :flower

For those NOT in the know…

Hooch’s “festival” nickname is Mr. GOSAC, which stands for…

God Of Smart Ass Comments

… although if I remember correctly, he does produce quality crayon art. :medal

Auntie Hope :pickin

Wow, I feel so great that Jen posted my maps as “real” maps.

I know people walk between the town stages and the park where the main stage is. I never seem to go anywhere but Town Park and the Main Stage, and I’m very busy all day long. How people find the time for other things, I just don’t know.

What is the information you need for maps? I’m sure you’ll get plenty of answers.


let me first say welcome to an apparant “festivirgin”, I also want to let you know that there’s just one stage in the festival grounds. as for a map? I don’t know that this will work but I marked a few key spots on Google Earth. try this link, and if it let’s you in click on “view in Google earth”

Google Earth Town Park

good luck :thumbsup

P.S. everyone please join in and mark your campsites and or favorite places.

Well, of course, I’d post your links, Ms. Cartographer! Those are beautiful maps.

Maybe you can knock out a topographical map as well? :wink:

Thanks Auntie Hope for the compliment, abbreviated nickname, and the Hippos!!! I am proud of my crayon art but will leave the festival maps to Courtney since hers were the maps I used to navigate Town Park the first time I visited pre-festival to scope out camping spots.

I’m also wondering if the map in this thread will fit their bill.,384.0.html


Thanks for the nod Tom…

Guess I better fix the map to show the wandering Flamingos an cement the Tiki Bar into a space in the preserve.

Now who is bringing the bathtub for 2008?

:cheers :cheers

Dear God
please let me win the Lottery and prove that it wont change me …Much !

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