Making Plans

We are traveling from Santa Fe, New Mexico (first-timers) and are curious about when the shows actually start, especially on Friday. Is it necessary to get there early? How big are the crowds? We won’t be camping. Is there parking nearby for just cars? How far is the walk from the lot?

Let’s see…

Welcome to Lyons (soon enough). The gates will open somewhere around 10am, and the music will start about an hour after. The actual schedule will be posted a week or two before the festival, so check back before you leave.

It’s not absolutely necessary to get here early, but the earlier you get here the more options you’ll have to claim your perfect spot for the day.

A sold out crowd would be 3,500 people. It’s not too crowded, even when sold out.

The festival parking is on the other side of town, and approximately a .75 mile walk. We also run shuttles from the parking lot, in case you don’t want to walk. It’s a pleasant walk through little Lyons, however.

…I think that’s it!

See you soon.



It isn’t too crowded on Friday’s usually so at least that day you have plenty of time to get there and still get a good spot. The walk isn’t bad, along the river, through town, down the road with people waiting to floor it so they can get to Estes.