making it to and from the festival on the 19th and 23rd

My wife and I are newbies, but longtime rockygrass and other festival vets. We just have never been able to make it to the mecca even though we’re based out of Denver.
I’m trying to gauge what the travel/traffic/etc… scene is like making it to and from Telluride. Obviously the ideal is to make it down there well before the festival and have as much time as needbe to enjoy the mindset. However, my wife can’t take off the second half of thursday or monday the 23rd from work. Fortunately, all she needs to work is an internet connection and a place of moderate quite.
Thus, we can stage an attack from Basalt on wednesday night, and I am trying to figure out what to expect on the road into telluride on wednesday night or thursday and then again on the way out of town either sunday night or monday morning. We’d be coming from the north by car and really not sure what to expect. We have to make it from and return to Denver eventually.
If we are able to secure a place to stay in town, not camping, then hopefully we’d just need to get our car to a parking lot and shuttle into where we’re gonna call home for the few precious days we can carve out.
Any and all advice, comments, help, etc… is very much appreciated.

We always leave Telluride around 6:00 AM on Monday and traffic is not an issue. We have arrived in Telluride anywhere from early afternoon to late evening on Wednesday before the festival, and we do not encounter traffic then either. Have a safe trip!