Made it Home Roll Call

Annette and I made it home yesterday around 3:30PM. Long drive across Utah and Nevada. We had an awesome time with all of our Run A Muck family. Thanks to all of you for taking such great care of us. Hope to see all of you soon. So who else made it home safe? :pirate

Planes Trains and Automobiles later and we made it back to Atlanta last night.
(Missing Town Park… but did enjoy indoor plumbing this morning :thumbsup)

Kamp DukTape dispersed in multiple directions yesterday after a record setting break down and load out. We had it all in the trailer and rolling down Colorado Ave at 10am Monday morning, which, if you saw our camp, is an amazing feat and a testimony to (hungover and sleep-deprived) teamwork. The Albuquerque contingent is busy sorting and cleaning a small mountain of tarps and dirty kitchen equipment but we couldn’t have had a better week, with the exception of losing our excellent neighbor, John Wood.

After driving through 3 thunder storms, and one potential tornado. We finally made it back to my little town all safe and sound in Nebraska at about 10:00pm. Thank to everyone that helped to make this another epic for me. It was a truly fantastic festival. :wave

Ain’t that the truth! It was weird that when I went to take a shower yesterday that I brought $3.00 worth of quarters with me! :lol …and that Tempurpedic sure felt good last night! :pirate

Glad you and Anette are home safe and that you decided to even make the trip out! Great hanging out with you two. Back to Denver safely, and now the harsh reality of fluorescent lights and reasonable shoes.


Nicely done!

Just made it back to Missoula. After the fun of last Sunday night, we decided it would be good to stop and spend the night at a rest stop in Idaho. Good decision.

Glad you made it Sugar! Great festivating with you last week! Send our best wishes to Alex, it was great to meet him as well. Hoe to see you in August!

Made the 5.5 hour trip to Albuquerque in over 7 because my car died in the middle of Absolute Nowhere, New Mexico. As a guy who only has the ability to fill a gas tank, I’m proud to say that I actually DIAGNOSED the problem (wow!) and we fixed a busted vacuum hose with (and this is the truth!) duk tape and bailing wire! Which only leads to this question: where is Camp Bailing Wire?

Glad you guys made it back home. Michael and I rolled into Missoula about 1:30 this afternoon and I was at work by 2! That sucks but you do what you gotta do. It was great seeing everyone. We’ll see some of you at Rocky and others next summer. If you’re anywhere near Montana in late August, come see us at River City Roots Fest if you need another Sammy fix, and this one is free.

Smooth running this trip round. Relaxed, cleaned the house and garden and ready to rock at work .

I am still playing tourist in my state of Colorado should be home Wed. Night.

And yes…camp duc tape was disassembled and gone in the blink of an eye. Wow.

We drove through the same stuff on our way back to Chicago - about 6PM in NE CO, right? There was enough hail on 76 to pile up 2-3" high on everything. We had to go 10 mph for a few miles just like we were driving through inches of fresh snow. Amazing!

Part of our crew is stuck in Quinter, KS waiting
for a part to fix their truck. They are making the best if things
At a flea bag motel in a one horse town. Eventually,
they will get to St. Louis and onward to Tennessee.
The adventure still continues for some.

As I recall, “The Churches of Quinter Welcome You”. They should sleep in one of those instead of the motel :wink: :lol

I’m glad you stayed around long enough for me to visit with you and Carl over dinner last night.
I got the trailer unloaded just in time to drive around the corner. :flower

Made it to Boulder on Monday, then 21 hour drive to Ohio yesterday, arriving at 5 AM today. Just waking up now.

Yes…it was fun to see people outside the festival in Montrose including The Official Mayor of Telluride Town Park, Carl Evans from Virginia and Steve and Sarah from Florida!!
I finally made it home this afternoon after getting a speeding ticket near Buena Vista. Grumble, grumble.