Lucinda Williams

Her new album West is AWESOME.

I’m friends with the local music store owner, who also happens to serve the best coffee around. Needless to say, I’m in there often. While picking up Pink Floyd Pulse, he directs me towards the ‘Staff Picks’ rack and points to Lucinda’s new product. I’m a sucker for this rack, because he knows(and I know) I will always leave with more than I came in to get. My favorite track(as of today) is Rescue. This album is well engineered, and really smooth. If you don’t like it, bring it up to me in the tapers section, and I’ll buy it from you, and promptly hand it to someone else who has better ears :headphones


Lucinda Santa Rosa, Ca. 4-12-02 d1

downloading it now. thanks brother.

mucho garcias

You people are my personal heroes. See ya’ll at Rocky Grass.