The suspense is KILLING me!!


ND: Lagunitas
NL: Hen House Prowlers :pickin

check your charge statement ours are already confirmed

Denied onsite for the first time in 15 years. Please let me know if you had multiple people hit the lottery and I will take up to 4 onsite with a car pass if available. 3 out of the last 4 years we have had multiple people hit and helped festivarians on this site so we are hoping and praying for a miracle.

Let’s not have this become a ticket request thread, OK. :flower

Feel free to discuss the lottery here, but if you didn’t luck out please post a request in the
“Rockygrass Ticket Exchange / Swap” area of the forum.

Do they tell us if we DIDN’T hit the lottery?

Yes, you should get the typical “We regret to inform you” letter.
Be sure to check you spam folder. :wave