LOTTERY RESULTS: Didja get GOOD news or BAD news?

The results are trickling in. How did YOU do?

I’m going to have two extras it looks like either Warner field or town park. Need to get regular four days for those two but happy to sell once I secure those or trade when those are out.



Oh well. We’ll find them as it gets closer, not worried


HOWEVER, on the upside we all simultaneously received good news as well. The good news being that there will yet again be another amazing festival year!

That being said… we are looking for two TP tickets :wave

We Regret To Inform you…sounded ominous. I will have a Town Park Camping pass in hand before next June 2015. No worries. (I only asked for one ticket in the lottery)

Our group of 12 people went 0-12.

Our group went 0 for 4. Looks like I’ve got a ticket buying date on December 5.

Seeing some of you in groups getting all bad news makes me realize the odds of actually getting picked are slim. Here’s to hoping we all find tickets anyway!

That was one fast rejection! Oh well, at least I don’t have to keep checking the credit card.

Looks like the ticket god smiled on me today, three tp tickets so #28 Telluride here I come!!!

By and large, our group was shut out. I think we have 4 for 10.

If anyone has 2 TPs or WFs, please message me and will take care of business tonight! :slight_smile:

Thanks, and see you all there in June!

Good news! Coming over from Australia! First festival, SO EXCITED

:hop :dance

Looking forward to meeting you in person. :cheers

I can’t wait to meet all of you! Such a kind and welcoming group.

I didn’t get my request for a ticket, either. Oh well, I hope I can find a way to be there this year, as it will be my first!

Good news and won two for TP

Maybe I should start buying lottery tickets more often!

Don’t give up hope. Tickets will always be available. Even if it means camping somewhere that isn’t Town Park.

Yeah man . This year by the tickets booths there were so many townpark and warner tickets for sale . I couldn’t believe how many people were selling . You could go to T- Ride and find tickets no problem .

Haven’t heard positive or negative. Anyone else still waiting to hear?

People were trying to unload tickets in the middle of the festival. I hope they give them up early this year.