Lot of 20 vintage TBF t-shirts for sale

Hi all, mods approved I post these here for sale. I’m selling my collection of TBF shirts from the 70’s into early 90’s. Some real rare gems in here. I only want to sell them all together- no separating. Will ship or pick up in Salt Lake City. See this google link for pictures and the spreadsheet for descriptions. $750 for the lot.
I also have a lot of other vintage bluegrass festival tees from across the US. Love my collections, but I’m going more minimalist these days. Contact by email is best. justice.morath@gmail.com

See pics/info here Telluride Shirts - Google Drive

Just wanted to say this is really cool. I’m not trying to acquire more things right now (currently moving so definitely in purge mode) but it’s awesome :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I decided to donate them to the Archive of Contemporary Music https://arcmusic.org

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