lost wallet

Hi all,
Sunday night I realized I had made the dumb ass move of my life…

Sometime before Emmy Lou came on I went to buy a beer and then instead of putting my wallet back in my pack like a smart girl, I tucked it unber my arm, took my beer and hightailed it to the portajohns.

Those are my last memories of possessing my wallet. It’s black, about 6 inches long and 4 inches wide. When you open the clasp the first thing you see is my driver’s license and an appalling picture of me that looks like it I just got a life sentence. There are business cards, a Utah whitewater guide license, a wilderness first responder cert card, my lucky quarter, $80 bucks, my checkbook and of course, VISA card.

Thanks to my beloved Janet and Gary I got cash to drive home on. But I really, really need that wallet back.

Anyway, if you found it or know of someone who is wondering what ugly girl’s wallet they found (that Driver’s License photo is really heinous) please contact me ASAP!!!



Bummer Jess! I hope some kind Festivarian soul finds it and returns it to you.


:vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes :vibes Sending good vibes to reunite you with your wallet and more importantly, the stuff in it.

It’ll turn up Jess!

Just when the Post-TBF blues were starting to settle in this afternoon I got a call here at my desk at work from a lady in Denver who found my wallet in the portajohn (yes, I really was THAT dumb-ass). She couldn’t locate me at festival so she took it home with her and called me here at work today.

Everything is still in it, including the $80. I told her to keep the cash as a reward and she declined…

Anyway, she is fedexing it back to me. Should arrive at my office by 10am tomorrow.

I love our festie world!

That’s the coolest thing I’ve heard since I left Telluride yesterday. Glad you got your things back, sweetie.

Can I have the $80 since she does not want it? I need to upgrade my lampshade.

you know there aren’t too many events where this kinda thing happens…amazing

I was totally crying on the phone with her. Just prior to coming to TBF I was in Sitka Alaska at a meeting and made some great career contacts. All those business cards were in my wallet. I was just sick about it.

What we have here is beyond special. I really get that. Everyday I work with people who have never known anything even remotely like what we have. Their worlds are dark, scary and without safety nets.

I love you all so very, very much. To be a part of all this just makes me wanna wrap my boobs in bacon! Oh wait, I already did that…

Oh well, it just makes me happy! :flower :flower :flower

Hooch, you can go to goodwill and upgrade that lampshade for $3.

Should I just put the cash in the mail?

My buddy lost his wallet with 200$ cash in it and then realized on Monday morning that it was below his sleeping mat! Dumbass! :cheers

It’s a horrible feeling regardless. I’m glad he found it. Surprised he could feel it though through the mat.

Amen sister! (and you did a very good job with the bacon) Good things happen for good people, for good reasons. I never doubted for a minute that you would get your wallet back. :cheers

I had a similar experience last year, but found it only after i canceled my cards :-\

This is a great story!

You should invite her here to the forums! she deserves this :medal and some post-festival love

Jess, my sig has been my sig for two years. I swear by it.
It’ll turn up! It always does!
SO glad about your wallet! I had no doubt.

Much Love there Jess
Thought I had lost the TBF green Merc Bag which had Tshirts and Debs Anniversery present …OMG !
found it buried in a cooller …Sigh …I hate the Load Out …

i left my fanny pack on the Gondola… with wallet, cash, checkbook and credit cards in it… I got it back almost as soon as I let the gondola people know it was missing and how to contact me! Everything still there… and yes, my festi-family had said, no, don’t cancel the credit cards, it will be back. Whew! Of course I couldn’t be positive that i had really had it on the gondola, I just thought I did. I definitely need to pay more attenti0on to what i am doing!

how many more days until we go back to try to get it all right?