Red and Yellow Sombrero lost during Yonder > Hot Rize. Has been too many shows to count and would love it back. Beers for the 'Return of the lost sombrero" (good movie title).

Thanks, Dave 720-254-2901

I do not have your sombrero. However, I did see you dancing with your sombrero and probably have pictures of your sombrero…

Good luck finding your sombrero…

There was a guy at Yarmony in a canoe on the river and he was wearing a sombrero. :hombre It blew off his head and went under. Alas, we thought it was a gift to the river kahuna, but when he showed up downriver about 10 minutes later, he proudly waved the rescued sombrero to the delighted crowd, all of whom had thought the beloved sombrero had perished that fateful day. Many cheers and ole’s were heard.
Perhaps your cherished sombrero will soon be returned to you also. Buena suerta! :cheers