LOST: Silver Copeland D Penny whistle/flute

Silver Copeland D Penny whistle lost Friday night somewhere around the lottery line. Much sentimental value! Respond here or 303-258-1103. Thanks

Still no word on my sweet whistle…but I do have an ID # that is stamped on it…3568. So if anyone has ANY information on this…I would be so very thankful! And if I got it back, there would be a reward!!!

I am really sorry - that is so sad. Have you tried an ad in the paper and putting something on Craigslist?

Perhaps PB could send out an email about it…

I hope it comes back to you. :flower

Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: I have looked on Craigs and ebay. I am hoping super friends of mine in Lyons will keep an eye out for it…I won’t give up hoping!

Hey Jessica

Sorry you haven’t found your flute yet. Anyway, I wanted to express how much fun i had serving beer with you this year, as well as the rest of the crew. You were/are such a personality!


YIPEEEE! You found me! I’m so glad :wave
I had a blast working with you and the rest of the crew as well! What a lovely, lovely time…
My whole trip was great. I still have not unpacked…ha-ha…I refuse to!

I will be back next year…as you will, I’m sure…KEEP IN TOUCH~

Jessica :slight_smile: