LOST: HD28 Martin guitar still in hard case

Great fest, *****Guitar was found by a college student and returned to me this last December 20098888

Unfortunately I lost my true love. This Martin means alot to me.
Will pay REWARD to finder $200.
Last seen leaning on rock by river 7/27/08 early a.m. Saturday.

Please call: Saddog at (941) 408-6217 or (941) 408-6207

Wow, I am sorry to hear you lost your guitar…post your serial numbers on the lost/stolen giutar registry on the martin forum here:


Good Luck!

(TellurideTom fixed the missing letter in your link. ;))

That is truly a sad thing to hear…I am so sorry :frowning:
I also lost my love on Friday night (my Copeland silver whistle)…and although someone DID find it, they have not had the heart to return it to me. I’m still grieving…
I will keep you in my positive thoughts and hope that someone gets that back to you~