Lost & Found at Folks

Hi friends,

I lost a hoop earring on Friday. I am not sure where I lost it, but if you found one, please let me know. I bought the earrings in Telluride and they have been my faves this summer!!!

I may have lost it somewhere in Lyons walking from my house to Planet Bluegrass…

Thanks peeps,

We somehow ended up with an extra Kelsyus mesh low back chair Saturday night. I think one of my friends may have grabbed it accidentally during the running of the tarps as I own 2 of them and he was carying my chairs as I ran.

Anyway we turned it into PBG lost and found Saturday night so they have it.

garian, I checked at the PB lost and found for your earring before I left… not there at that time.

BUT… festivarians are GREAT about turning in the things that they find… if any of you lost something that you think NO ONE would turn in because it would be so tempting to keep it, well, just know that it was probably found by a kind festivarian and it is probably in the lost and found just waiting for you to claim it… so be sure and contact them and ask.


I’m missing a green Whole Foods canvas bag with jeans, green hoodie shirt, towel, sunglasses, and hand-made leather barrette in it… anyone pick it up? it wasn’t at fest Lost and Found. I left it outside the Wildflower Pavilion, i think Friday evening. A favorite shirt and jeans… :frowning: