LOST -- 1 Orange/Red Nikon Point and Shoot Camera

Hey everyone!

After having an incredible weekend in Telluride, I arrived home to realize I have lost my Nikon camera. It’s an orange/red color and has a crack on one of the sides.

Listen, if you found the camera, keep it. Call it good karma. However, all that I would ask is that you return the card. I have some incredible pictures on there that I would love back. I’ll even pay for shipping. You just have to do the right thing and return my disc.

Please help! This is stressing me out and I just want my pictures back.


I sure hope you find it. I accidentally erased my memory card at the NYE party and it had pictures from the last year on it. I’ve never done that before, but I had my contacts in and couldn’t see real well and before I knew it, POOF, they were gone. :abduct I thought I had them protected, and would’ve had them on my computer already if it wasn’t so slow.
I feel your pain but I have faith it will come back to you. When it does, please post the pics so we can all see them! :hug