Lord help me....

I just bought a 3/4 bass… less than 2 hours of fartin around and my right hand is already blistered. :eek :lol

This is going to be a fun and tough challenge!

Anyone have any tips for a stone cold bass noob?

Right now im focusing on right hand technique, left hand position drills and simple 1 4 1 5s in G and A. i figure that will keep me busy for a while considering how bad i suck right now lol. Am I missing anything vital? any help is grately appreciated!!!


Welcome to the bottom of the music world!

Find a bass luthier who can adjust how the instrument plays. It shouldn’t hurt (once those callouses build up!) Playing a well-adjusted instrument is more fun.

To prevent blisters, get a bottle of Tincture of Benzoin from your local drugstore. It’s made from pine resin (like bow rosin!) and you paint it on your skin to help toughen it up. It’s the active ingredient in products like “Tuffskin.” ( DON"T put it on blisters or broken skin - burns like hell!) Use it on tender skin before blisters form. (Clean it off w/rubbing alcohol before playing or it’ll gunk up your strings!)

Watch out for repetitive motion injuries/tennis elbow etc. Stretch & limber up before playing, take breaks & shake out tension, etc. Take a couple of lessons to get started with good habits. Bass playing can be quite a physical workout - best to do it with the best possible technique, just like any exercise regimen.

Have fun!