Looking for ride/transportation info to Rockygrass from Denver on 7/28

Hi my name is Daniel and I am flying in from Portland,OR to Denver on the 28th of july. I arrive at
4:20 pm then want to head to Rockygrass in Lyons,CO. This is my first Rockygrass so I don’t know
the easiest way to get there from Denver, perhaps just a couple of busses? I know there are direct busses to Boulder but then what? Greyhound and Amtrak seem to not go to Lyons.

Any help would be much aprreciated (especially a ride!). Can’t wait to do some quality pickin with y’all

Daniel Robinson

You might want to take a look at the Hitching a Ride section of the forum.
You may find what you’re looking for or you can post a ride request there. :flower

i dont understand how to post there? never used one of these type sites before…how do I post in the right place?

Well, you managed to post a new thread here, just try to do the same thing in the other section of the forum. Once in the other section just click on “New Topic” and write your request. :cheers

You can take the bus if you want. The bus from the airport to boulder is the AB, from boulder to lyons is Y.

Schedules are here: www.rtd-denver.com

Ah, looking at your arrival time, you wouldn’t make it to Boulder in time to catch the Y. You’ll have to find a ride from Boulder or wait for the next day.

I’ve noticed to access Hitching a Ride, you need to be logged in. Otherwise it doesn’t even show up.

I was not aware of that. :eek
Check out the thread NEW CARPOOLING SERVICE FOR ROCKYGRASS at the top of this section.

Hi, Tom, yes, I have to be logged on to see Hitching a Ride, Lodging/Accomodation sharing, and all of the various Ticket Exchanges.