Looking for camping/vehicle passes... or condo space !

I am coming from California (Truckee) and need a place to stay… I would LOVE to stay in my new Eurovan (I know someone else posted a similar message)… but all the camping vehicle passes are sold out… If anyone has a town camping and vehicle pass… or a Mary Ilium vehicle pass to sell me …or Lawson camping and vehicle passes that would be awesome… Alternatively, if someone has space in a condo … I am super fun… have a bluegrass ticket and some night grass tix…

Feel free to email me or call.


Thanks, Heather
ps. don’t know how to change my profile… but i am not a newbie… this will be my fourth festival ! yippie… can’t wait !!!

You’re a forum “newbie” hence your status here…

I just wanted to let you know about our Returned Ticket Resale on Tuesdays at noon. Any tickets that we have returned to us (deadline is May 7th) for a refund will be offered in the Returned Ticket Resale on Tuesdays at noon.

You can find that section here: http://shop.bluegrass.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=93