Looking for a Trail Running partner during the festival this week(end)

Hey Festvarians, and friends,
I’m coming in to the festival tomorrow night (6/15) and camping in Town Park. I’m signed up for and training for the Imogene Pass Run in September, and I’d love to have someone to run with on the beautiful trails in Telluride while I’m there this weekend.

I’m looking to do upwards of perhaps a 12-mile run at some point this weekend, probably in the morning Thursday before the festivities start, and possibly a couple smaller morning runs other days (Sat morn? Monday morn?).

If YOU or a FRIEND of yours would like to join me in said adventures, I’d love to have partner for any/all of it.

Please CALL me (# below), as I will soon be away from email.

Nate K

Wow - 12 miles? Good for you Nate!

I get winded doing the tarp run.