Looking for a motorcycle pack!?

I’m flying solo on a small dual sport from Tucson, and would love to meet up with any other two wheeled travelers from Tucson, Phoenix, Flag…

Tucson to Telluride on a KLx!!! :frowning:

No interstates!

I rode the first time I went, and I learned an interesting tidbit from a friendly cop. While cars are not allowed into town during the festival, motorcyles ARE, and parking is FREE. As long as you don’t park in a handicapped spot, its open range.

Oh yeah, I’m aware! There are lots if things you don’t get to bring for this priveledge though, but yes, that’s part of the enticement, I’ve always wanted to show up to this festival on a bike, and a 250’s what I got, and so it will be…but would love to have others to ride up with!!!

I’m coming from Socorro, NM but not riding this year thanks to a back injury. Next year we could do the last leg together anyway

Hey Guys,

You can mail things “General Delivery” to yourself in Telluride.

Your Name
General Delivery
Telluride, Colorado 81435

(a general pick-up date written on the outside is also suggested)

Ride Safe! Keep the shinny side UP! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

P.S. ~
PLEASE NOTE: The ELK are on the move this time of year.


Hell yeah, I live in Socorro, working on a masters at NMT. In Tucson working for the summer…love to ride sometime…look for a New Mexico flag inside the festival!! :cheers

NO FLIPPIN WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Lil sista I have lived in Socorro and still have a very good friend there. See you at Fest!

WOW really??? We need a Socorro reunion! That’s cool as heck. I’ll see if I can find a Socorro tshirt to wear.

And keep safe on that bike. Take lots of breaks. I don’t know if I’d ride an enduro thta far, but I hope to see you there!

YES Agreed!!! This is Crazy!!!

Also, I’m going to take a couple practice runs this weekend a few hours and I may talk myself out of it. If all else fails, I’ll drive Flag or even CO and put in there…But only planning a couple hours a day…so yeah, probably anyone else who is riding won’t want to break as much as I will!

Look forward to meeting all you SOCORROANS!!!

You should do it. It’s Telluride!!!


Wow that gave me a good idea for next year. I’ll be coming from the opposite direction but would be cool to hang and ride with some peeps once there! Please stay in touch.

Thanks for the tip Auntie Hope! just dropped a box in the mail…all the important stuff, festival cup, bubble gun, solar christmas lights…