Longest week every year...

This last week before the fest is BRUTAL…
Some of my fellow campers are already waking up in T-ride, which makes each day seem like a week.
Those lucky souls, with their Bloodys and their Wake’n’Bakes and whatnot…

How can it be a festival if we’re not there yet, Dammit!

Hear Hear Roach!!!

It’s Monday (bad enough), and I still have four more “work days” until I can leave for Festival…

I can’t take it any longer!!!

I have considered quitting in the last few hours so that I could leave now for telluride, but realized that it would be my last festival if I were to do that. I have started the festivarian spirit as last night I was Del McCoury & the Boy’s at 4 Eagle Ranch in Wolcot, and will be seeing Drew Emmitt and special guests out at Red Sky Ranch on Thursday. Doesn’t make up for not being in Telluride yet, but it does come close.

My friend Niles was there, how was the show? I’ll be hitting Stealings Strings tomorrow, maybe Greensky wed, for sure Waywords and Greensky Thurs, and Drew on Sat.
Then I’ll be packing Sunday and leaving monday.

And remember, there are always more jobs out there, but only 1 TBF

For a setting and a stage that was put together at the last minute it was a great show. I’d say there were only about 150 - 200 people there. When I got there right before the opening act was due to go on Del and the Boys were still doing a sound check in shorts, tshirts and sandals. Quite a site for those long time followers who are so used to seeing them in suits and ties. They did put on the suit’s and ties for the actual show. I will post a few pictures under the Colorado board - probably on Wednesday - as I have to go through the 600+ pictures I took and see what is posting worthy!

OK… so I think you should do the following in order to soothe those Pre-Fest “ants in your pants:”

  1. Completely pack your car tonight.
  2. Drive to work this evening, start a tarp line at the front door of your work establishment by leaving a festival chair.
  3. Unload camp into company parking lot.
  4. Move your car 5-10 miles away (you could just take it home), and return to work using some form of public transportation or on your bicycle.
  5. Set up tent, make dinner from your cooler and yell FESTIVAAALLLL to passing motorists.
  6. Grab warm blanket and sleep in front of workplace entrance.
  7. Very early in the morning, string a rope across workplace entrance.
  8. Pass out numbers to co-workers/instruct them to return at 9:00 AM. (Be sure to give yourself #6)
  9. Using a boom box, play tape recorded bag pipes,
  10. Line Co-workers up, drop the rope and yell “FESTIVAALLLLL!”
  11. Race all co-workers into building, jumping over as many as possible, and throw out tarp in open space as close as you can get it to your office/desk.
  12. Weigh down corners of tarp… return to camp/car and collect festy chairs, sunblock, flag, and Camelbacks filled with libations.
  13. Spend the day doing as much work as possible from your tarp, taking breaks every hour or so to go to the bathroom, play hacky sak, do some hooping
    and yell “FESTIVAAAALLLL!!!”
  14. Jump up and yell “WE LOVE YOU!!!” to boss everytime he walks by your office/desk.
  15. Invite co-workers to camp out in parking lot for communal dinner/picking/sing along. Trade homebrew techniques/recipes. Don’t forget to return your tarp, festy chairs, sunblock, and flat, etc. to your camp in company parking lot.


You forgot to set someone up near the entrance yelling “Don’t Run”
Otherwise, I may be looking for a new job tomorrow.

Hang in there, Roach…I’m in the same boat! :slight_smile:

BTW…it looks like i’ll be picking in Lyons tonight. If so, I’ll be hitting the Wayward Sons Boulder Theatre show after 11…