Lodging - What area should I try to book place in to be close?

I’ve never been to the festival but always wanted to. Just got 4 tickets - finally!

When looking for condos or hotels, what area is best to be near? To get to festival location. I have never been to Telluride and want to try to be close to a shuttle or what ever the process is…

Can you school me? (not camping)

Thank you! Saramaria

Check here
: http://www.vacationtelluride.com/
Mountain Village is probably your best option at this point
Most of in town is probably already booked or it will be
EXTREMELY exspensive.
Mountain Village will have parking and you can take the
gondola over the mountain into Telluride and back for
free, and a short walk to the Festival.

I was wondering about Mountain Village… Do you think any problems missing the ride back up by 2AM? Is music done by then?

Not sure what time the gondola stops but its probably
right around 1 or 2 am



What’s your budget per night? You definitely want to stay in Telluride if the budget will allow. The festival is held on the eastern part of town so the longest walk you’d have would be about 20 minutes from accommodations on the western part of town.

Also, how many people in your group?

moderate budget…

It will be 2-4 max… most likely 3. :slight_smile:


Yes, and DONE


Congrats! I’m going to delete that long ass link now :lol

Ok- still waiting on a confirmation response so let me know :slight_smile:

There’s also a no frills place called Mountainside Inn. You may want to check them out as well