Live recordings available?

Had a great time at RG this weekend. I saw a few mics set up near the sound tent. Any chance we can find some recordings?

I think I heard Fergus talking about the streamed archive being available on

Great feed, by the way, so kind all weekend. We finally headed up Sunday. Fabulous festival all the way around, as usual.

And thank you PB for bringing back Jeff Austin. Another favorite set was Della Mae. Those sisters bring it.

History Man out.

“These are my fingers, and this is my beer.”

I second the THANK YOU for bringing Jeff Austin back!!! What a great set with amazing energy!

Just poked around KGNU’s website looking for the archives from this year’s Rockygrass. Appears that at least most of them (if not all) are not posted. Perhaps I misheard Fergus. Or perhaps he was misinformed. Or perhaps they’ll come later.

On a positive note, if you go to afterFM’s KGNU archives, there are lots of sets from previous years, a veritable treasure trove.

Cheers. :cheers