live recording of 2007 festival wanted!!!!

I just want to say as a local of t-ride for a few years this festival ROCKS!!! It is so much fun having so many people in town for such an occasion. everyone I interacted with were really awesome. I wish every music festival i went to attracted such a great group of people. SEE YOU IN 2008!!! If there are any tapers out there that recorded the show, i’d love to get a copy of a few, if not all the sets. I had met a guy on friday with a DAT set-up, who said he’d hook me up with a copy of the show , but I lost his contact info. If any of you kind souls could can set me up with the shows, I would be very greatful and I promise to somehow return the favor.

Glad your excited :thumbsup

1st. know that tracking and readying these recordings is very time consuming. DAT must be transfered in real time and then tracked. Hard drive recordings are faster to distrobution by still take time.

2nd. It’s tuesday. the fest ended sunday. give the tapers some time.

3rd this thread should be moved to tapers traders section. Watch that section for info as the recordings become available.

Be patient, if they played it it will come :slight_smile:

Feel Free to PM me if you need a tech help with this stuff.