Listen to My Online Radio Show

Hey festivarian friends,

I wanted to plug my new online radio show on which I do from here in Austin, TX. My new show is titled the Live Music Hour and features unique live recordings. There is usually some Telluride or Rockygrass recordings in there among other great stuff. Let me know what you think.

You can got to and click on Archives, then choose Live Music Hour. From there you can stream or download the show anytime…

I also so the show People Like Us with a friend, which features eclectic music as well, and gets a little weirder.

Also notice the playlist for the Live Music Hour.


Copy that Elliot…you doing TBF and RG this year? Biking?


Yes Dave, i will be back in Telluride, still tryin to get those coveted town park passes for me and 2 others… Not making the other festivals this time, going to do some seasonal work in Bar Harbor, Maine. I am planning on showing up in Telluride the 10th or 11th and doing a 5 day bike tour looping from tride to ouray, ridgeway, silverton, durango, delores etc. It will be nice to see you again buddy, take care