Lining up in the morning!

Hey. Just curious about how lining up to get a number works in General entrance? What time should we get in line? Do they hand out random numbers? Can you leave once you get your number? What time should you be back in Line?


The line policy is pretty well laid out here: (scroll down to ‘Line Policy’).

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Does one have to stand in line each morning if you’re not planning to enter until the afternoon?

Depends on what kind of spot you want and how big your group is. By afternoon it will be “squeeze in where you can fit or in the back you sit”

It’s fairly common practice to claim your space in the morning and come back in the afternoon, most likely to find tarp squatters that you may or may not allow to stay…all’s fair game but ultimately up to the tarp owner!

We are just two, and since our knees forbade us to do that all-out run a few years ago, we now show up whenever and can usually find an empty tarp, sometimes with a wedge of space between 2 empties, and we scooch our chairs in and usually are fine for the day. They are very clear this year that empty tarps are for sharing, and most folks are willing to extend the generosity for the duration. Those that aren’t . . . it’s not difficult to find others who are. Mostly it’s warm and wonderful.

So when (approximately) is a good time to get in line if you have one tarp and you’d like to be in the section with low back chairs?

In year’s past, it’s been by the time the sun goes down the night before. Another reason we ceased the practice. I could be wrong though.

If your camping they will hand out random numbers each morning.
There are two lines when the gates open. Campground & town side.
On the town side folks will camp out overnight in line. No random numbers.
First in line gets # 1.

Thanks for starting this thread OP. To avoid duplicating it, I hope it’s OK if I ask a couple similar questions…

  1. My friends and I have two sun shades (one EZ-Up and one Kelty) to set up, and we’d like a view of the stage…is that only possible if we’re right behind the walking path (which then means you’re watching folks walk by constantly)?

  2. To get a good sunshade spot, do we need to line up night before, early in the AM, or is the “shade” tent competition not as fierce?

Thanks for any knowledge folks! Not my first TGBF but it is first time actually bringing sunshades…

So is the FAQ just lip service every year, and they town actually does allow the camping in line?

Not supposed to sleep in your chair but of course folks do. And presumably no empty chairs, but those who set their’s down 22 hours ahead of time as soon as the day’s line is in, for the next day, have no consequences if it sits empty for hours at a time. So yeah, pretty much lip service.

For people not trying to line up the night before, what’s a reasonable time to get there isn’t the morning if you aren’t too concerned about what number you get?

Also, I see gates open at 10. Is that when the tarp run officially starts?

Yes, the tarp run happens when the gates open.
On Saturday the gates open at 9.
Other days 10.


I think you might still be looking for an answer to your Q’s here…so I’ll jump in. The shade situation has gotten fierce too…if you want to be in the first line of shades, you have to be in line in the middle of the night these days. Well, pre-Covid…and I assume this year will be the same. And you don’t have to be behind a walking path…it depends on where you set up. You might be behind the last row of tarps too. FWIW - there are many shade spots where you can see the stage through neighboring shades! We are usually in line around 5:30 or 6am and are always about 3-4 shades deep. It’s still awesome! Good luck!

Awesome, thanks so much for answering my questions! 5:30-6 is doable, going to make for very long days since you have to stay in line til gates open, then music starting at 11. Naps will be in order if I’m to make it to late into the night lol