line Policy each morning

This will be my first year attending the festival. I read the “line policy” section in the guidelines and was wondering if it normally take a long time to get into the festival each day?

Well, that depends on what time you get in line. HeHe. They hand out numbers to the first few hundred people early in the morning and then let them enter in very structured and orderly fashion. After that it goes a bit faster. I’m usually in line by 5am (getting a number somewhere in the 100’s) and it takes about 5-10 minutes to get in once they start filtering us in. It’s really not bad.

I thought we didnt talk about the line until May??? :evil

If you go later in the day, you can just walk in. It’s pretty sweet.

Apparently it’s too late now! The discussion has begun!!

what line??

It’s that mass of people behind you every morning, John!!

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Hmm…let me explain in a different way. “The Line” includes many of those people who constantly ask you for recordings of the entire festival.

we get in line at 8ish last year on the day we wanted to be close and were in the low 100s. this year is my first in Town Park is the line their closer than the outside line?

from what i’ve heard about the line over the last couple of days, the physical distance is not a factor, since the line personnel bring both groups up to the entrance and they start evenly.

The TP/WF line is less people then the rest, but they do lead them up at the same time. So it is one big stampede. One day we went down to the Elks lodge for breakfast and the Town line went for ever, a good seven blocks.
You can also hang out over by Tom’s spot and watch the madness from inside TownPark. It is great fun. :wink: It’s also a good spot to get pictures. I really love the You tube sites of the running. Makes me want to get in line now. Anyone willing to bring me some Hot Chocolate in the middle of the night? :lol

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