Lets face it* Merchandise for senior festivators

Walking sticks
a hydraulic :lol low back lawn chair. When your ready to get up, you push the button and the seat lifts u straight up, for easy lift off.
A 3 wheel scooter cooler chair. 3 in one self propelled, bike path required for flow
No tarps, pre protected field. I will be the first to donate my tarp.
A drive through porta potty and beer booth every 10 feet :lol :lol

TBF logo combination hearing-horn/megaphones


Same day tapers recordings

Early-bird food concession specials (It’s fun to eat at 4:20pm)

4-day Hoveround 4WD rentals with complimentary “aah-ooo-gah” horn

XXL “Juicy” shorts and sweats

X-ray vision reading glasses

KOTO streamed on AM


  • recordings on 8-track

Name Tags…who am I?

Prompters for lyrics …in BIG letters

:wave Love that! :lol :medal

To smile and just make these few small adjustments I should be ok this next one… :lol
Fest keeps me young and I have to laugh at this because I am truley serious. Planning for safety rails at the Beer booth. LOL!

LOVE FEST and all of you! :flower

  • a Depends vendor.

Moving sidewalks from TP to venue.

:medal THAT is the idea of the century. An escalator!!! Love that!

Tarp Service! :cheers
rickshaw rides to your tent and store

Like beach service. Show up at beach with no
hassle. That being said, the people who make the tarp
run for others have my respect.

AARP discounts?

Scooter charging stations. :thumbsup

Now we’re talkin’!

$ .50 Rent-A-Walker

Crunchy Frog, now with Metamucil.