Leftover- Mish 2002

If anyone happens to have any pix I’d love to put them up on the Archive page.
Gotta love the 3 hour second set.


Leftover Salmon
Mishawaka Amphitheater
Mishawaka, CO

Matt Flinner- banjo
Jose Martinez- drums

MBHO 603 Cardioid ORTF FOB center 25’ from stage 7’ high DMIC20 M1 16/48
Rec by Eric Wilkens
Saturday Night in Poudre Canyon

  1. Down In A Hollow

  2. Better

  3. Just Keep Walking

  4. Breakdown

  5. Can’t Get No Better

  6. Rose

  7. Ain’t No Use*

  8. Gonna Have A Party

  9. Celtic tune

  10. Darkness and Light

  11. Thinkin and Drinkin

  12. The Other Side

  13. Mississippi Dew

  14. Oklahoma

  15. Unplug That Telephone

  16. Wheel Hoss > Fat Man In the Bathtub> Wheel Hoss> Brick House

  17. Wild Bill Jones

  18. Wanderin

  19. Breaking Through

  20. Jokester

  21. Whispering Waters

  22. Walls Of Time

  23. Tangled Up In Drew

  24. Up On The Hill Where They Do The Boogie

  25. Encore break

  26. Railroad Highway

  27. Sherry

  28. Hard Rocker

  29. Let It Bleed

Dedicated to Mikey Houser, who passed away that day. Set break featured recordings of Leftover/WSP collaborations.