Leaving your tent

Alright so I know that most of us that will be attending are friendly respectful people, but you can’t trust everyone. My question here is: What about leaving your tent? If you’re traveling from far away, you’ll obviously have a bag full of clothes, a camera, and misc other things that you don’t always want to take with you. Are there any recommendations to leaving your belongings somewhere safe? Or will I have to lug around my backpack everywhere I go?

Normally we dont have a whole lot of problems !
of course there are a few cases every year …Us in Town Park
have got a GREAT Neighbor Watch program …They still havent found the bodies of the Thieves …wait I didnt type that!!! …
If your camping in TP are any other campground …Just be Smart
Most of the Beer Thiefs are in our own camps and we count on em to replace the “Taken”
Booty …There have been Instruments Stolen some found some Not .
All I Can Say is Dont Leave your Stuff out in the open Also organize your tent with a few Hidey holes and Zip it up when you leave …If your Anal …put a lock on it …Put We have NEVER had a problem …except for a Bottle Of Patron that I dont Remember Drinking …
Ahhhh Telluride !!

I’m planning on having my tent protected by Brinks Home Security. :wink:

My golden rule is dont bring anything to festivals you aren’t prepared to lose.

No matter where you are there’s always at least 1 thieving git.

Problems like that are definitely few and far between but yeah, don’t necessarily bring your nicest or most prized stuff and keep certain important things (wallet, bacon, flask, passport) with you.

Traveling from far away will always needed a bag full of clothes and other things that you want to bring but make sure that you will always bring your own tent, too in case of emergency.

Pop up canopies

Make it a small daypack (or fanny pack, if you can get away w/it) for the really important stuff.

Make friends with your neighbors. Zip up your tent. Stash goodies in a car.

Use common sense- your campsite is most vulnerable close to load-in (when lots going on) or Saturday/Sunday nite main sets (when no one’s around).

Look out for others too- last year I was a little sun-exhausted and back in camp during the start of Sam’s Saturday set. Three young teenagers stroll down the trail. Something’s odd; they’re too clean- shiny hair and nice bright basketball jerseys. About 20 seconds after they pass, I follow. Out by the northern part of the primitive area I walk up as they’re snooping around someone’s Kelty shade shelter. Obviously surprised, they stammer something about looking for their tent. I ask, “Where was it the last time you saw it?” Then I follow them back on the trail and all the way out of the camping areas and toward the festival. I assume they were just looking for booze on a Saturday night, but if someone left an ipod hanging around out in the open…

There’s a camp host up front, they’ll help if necessary- don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help if something doesn’t seem right.

99.9% of the folks are awesome, don’t forget that too. Still love the story about the lost wallet that had more in it when the owner got it back than when it was lost! :wink:

Ron (other)

There have been some reports of “townies”, that is, bored teenagers from town coming into Town Park and stealing booze during some of the activities that take people away from their camps for a bit, and like AAA said, watch your stuff or have someone watch it when you arrive and are lugging gear in and the rest is exposed in your truck or open trunk.
The majority of the folks there are quite trustworthy, but like they said, if you don’t want to lose it, then either don’t bring it, or keep it on you or lock it up in your tent.

High Fives ORIA!
Newbes we are a way tight Family
If you need anything , and we have all the hookups
from help finding a spot to getting your kids medical attention God forbid
we are That Dialed in !
after 15 years what do ya expect ???


Yeah, be really careful.

I lost my virginity once while camping and haven’t been able find it since.

:lol :lol

You only lost it once while camping? Too bad. :wink:

It took all weekend :thumbsup