Lawson Hill

This is the info I got from the web site (got a couple more questions):
Tent Camping Only
Location: Ball field located 3 miles from the festival grounds
Opens: 8 am on Tuesday, June 17th.
Metal pans must be used under stoves to protect grass.
Charcoal grills are not allowed.
Tent stakes longer than 6" are prohibited to protect irrigation systems.
Quiet hours are 2am-7am.
Serviced by free shuttle.
No vehicles are allowed on the field.
Free parking nearby.

How far is parking from there?
Are gas grills allowed?
Are there pretty decent spots there if you get there early?
Where is it located compared to town park, mt. village, etc?
anything else I should kow?

Thanks :band

If you get there early, your parking may be 100 yards away.
Gas grills are allowed, just protect the grass.
What’s a decent spot on a baseball field?
Three miles from Town Park and about the same from Mountain Village.
What else do you need to know? :flower

How far is parking from there?
I’m going to guess the parking is in the lot for the ball fields.

Are gas grills allowed?
Yes to the gas grills.

Are there pretty decent spots there if you get there early?
Yes to the decent spots.

Where is it located compared to town park, mt. village, etc?
Town Park is the FESTIVVVAAALLL!!! Field, so, three miles and one (FREE) gondola ride to Mountain Village.

Anything else I should know?
You’re going to have a BLAST!!!

Auntie Hope :pickin

Hey there, one other question for ya, I noticed that Lawson must be west of town park and the festival grounds, and east of Illium, is that right? Curious because I will be bring two bikes with me, and wondering if it would be easier for me to bike to Mt. VIlliage when the time comes, or two take the Gandola or shuttle. I’m guessing that Lawson falls inbetween both of these sites, so maybe like 3 or 4 miles from Mt. Villiage.


Yes, Lawson is between Ilium and downtown and at the same elevation as town is. Mountain Village on the other hand is quite a bit higher and not a real easy trek on a bicycle unless you’re in extremely good physical shape. It would much easier to ride to the gondola and ride it up with your bike. Coming back down is a piece of cake! (as long as you have good brakes) :thumbsup

I like that idea very much. Thanks for the info :drive

Just a bit more information for you…

The elevation of the town of Telluride: 8750 feet

The elevation of Mountain Village: 9500 feet

The elevation of mountains around Telluride: 14000

Flatlanders have a harder time dealing with the altitude until you’ve been there a week or so. :medal

yeah, good point, I plan on doing some mt. hiking the week before I get to telluride so hopefully that will help… Thanks for the in put thu Tom. :thumbsup

Elevation of a festivarian in Telluride, multiply all of the above.

Well courtney, I think your right! I too am staying at lawson hill and and cannot friggin wait :cheers :pipe :lol

I seem to recall someone posting at some point that there was a coffee shop at the top of a hill near Lawson. Is that true? I gotta think about where my morning java will come from.


I know there’s at least a convenience store that has coffee.
Not sure if there’s a real coffee shop. :flower

So I have hope. Thanks Mayor! :thumbsup

I vaguely remember there being a coffee shop close to Lawson, but a better bet is the coffee cart in town (the Steaming Bean?). We wished we had brought our bikes when we were camped at Lawson last year - the bike path is easy and less stressful than the schoolbus route.

In any case, the coffee cart has delicious coffee, friendly peeps, and a good start for the morning!

Its at the Gas Station there at Socioty turn
i know I cant spell either