Lawson Hill vs. Mary E. Illium?

I’m looking for some pros and cons of each camping spot besides the lack of shade at Lawson and the distance. I have friends camping at both spots and trying to decide where I want to be. Is is tough getting back and forth from Mary when trying to drop of daytime stuff and getting back for the latenights is my biggest concern.

Other than being a little closer, and next door to the Telluride Brewing Company, I’d say there’s no benefit to staying at Lawson. Mary E is super cool, and you can get there earlier. If you aren’t riding a bike from Lawson, then your going to be waiting on buses just the same. Maybe only 5 or so minutes less bus riding times, waits the same.

Thank you! That helps me a lot

Mary E. you can set up and spread out allot more than Lawson. At Lawson hill you are camping on a baseball diamond. Mary E, you camping in the woods.

My $.02 is you do not want to attempt to go back and forth after the mainstage and NG. Each way can take an hour between waiting and drive time. You’ll be in a school bus, and they do not move quickly up the steep highway on the way back into town.

I am also trying to decide between campgrounds and am wondering if it is at all possible to bike back and forth from Mary E. Illium? If so, is the ride pretty challenging? It appears to be a steep incline on Google Maps, but it is tough to tell.

Also, how convenient/easy is the ride to and from Lawson Hill?

Thanks for the info!

The bike ride from Illium will be steep on the way to town. Haven’t done that one, but others who have will chime in.

The ride to/from Lawson is easy. There’s a paved trail the whole way. Slight uphill on the way to town. We did it for a joy ride last year to check out the brewery. Stunning ride.

I made the ride in from Illium a few times last year. Never by road, but on MTN Bike on the Galloping Goose Trail (when you get to town stop by a bike shop and get an area trail map for a couple bucks). The trail is pretty easy only a moderate uphill at the beginning coming from Illium. It was my wifes first time ever to ride single track, and she did fine. From Illium to Town takes less than an hour without any stops, and passes directly by Lawson, and the Telluride Brewery which is a great halfway point. They have live music sometimes too. No more than 2-3 miles of single track trail, and probably a total of 6-7 miles one way. Probably sketchy at night, unless your an experienced rider with good lights.

There’s also: Cindy Bread, Aemono, and to a much lesser extent The Conoco.

A couple pros for me choosing Mary E over Lawson were trees vs. a baseball field, charcoal fires vs coleman stove, earlier check in & a little more room to roam. We will be riding the bus & as 1st time festivarians thats my take. :cheers maybe we can experience it from TP next yr…

First Timer and CO native I can’t believe I’ve never done this. . .

Late to the game I was only able to buy a ticket for Thursday’s concert. My wife Loves Susan Tedeschi so this is a surprise B-day present.

Looking at camping options and don’t really know what I’m doing.

1 - Can you camp in the back of a pickup? (park somewhere and sleep in the back…)
2 - How do I buy a pass if say I wanted to stay at Mary E? Seems like a good option but is there somewhere (link etc) to buy a pass?
3 - Do I have to have a 4 day pass for the concerts to be eligible to camp?

Thanks for any and all help!

Got most all my info on planet bluegrass. Short answer is no, no & no(sorry) but your salvation/hope is on this forum looking for 2ea 1 day camping passes for lawson field. All others are 4 day tix required.
Put up an ad stating what you want & watch ads mentioning lawson
Cheers & tedeschi/trucks will be great. Wood Bros play nightgrass 11-2am. Just stay up late & drive back out of town . There are 2 campgrounds south of town10 miles that have day camping.
From a :cheers new festivarian so hope you find better, Sully :cheers

Hi there, for face value, I’m selling two camping passes and a vehicle pass for Illium, which is 7 miles from the venue and has plenty of shade and is right by the river. School buses run every half hour or so. I’d keep them but am staying in town instead. Call or text 713-385-8339 if interested.

Lawson Hill:

Closer (less time spent riding the bus; and bus lines aren’t as bad)
Has showers
Very short walk to Telluride Brewing Company (and a coffee shop that is always closed)
No shade

Mary E. Illium:

Pretty much the opposite
Lots of shade
No showers
More time spent on the bus; waiting for the bus

I will say Mary tends to have more pickers and late night shenanigans, if you’re the type that wants to stay up partying and sleep in, stay there. If you’re an early riser, Lawson Hill might be the way to go.

All festival camping is sold out. If you’re leaving Friday, I’d recommend camping on national forest land. There are several national park entrances outside of town. Probably want to scout out a general spot during daylight before you get into town. You could easily sleep in the back of your truck that way, and it’d be free obviously.

These are sold.