Lawson Hill VS Mary E Illium

Was wondering if I could get some info on which of these would be the best bet to go with. Missed out on Town Park and Warner so just curious which is the next best bet.

Also I’m volunteering this year and was curious if, don’t plan on camping in town park, but if we may get access just for some of the workshops and or music.

If anyone has any good 13er or 14er routes in colorado, would love some insight on a good one for a somewhat newbee to the area. plenty of backing experience but it would be my first 14er. looking at elbert or massive. what you all think?

Last year we stayed at Illium. I could tell you that Illium, while very primitive, had some real nice camping spots if you get there early enough. Also at Illium a car pass is the only way to go, otherwise your car could end up being close to a mile away from you on the edge of a steep drop off. We met some real good folks at illium and would stay back there if the need arises again. The bus ride kinda stunk, but hey I didn’t have to drive and the bus drivers were tremendously friendly. Kudos to them they delivered us home safely every evening when most of us probably weren’t even fit to walk let alone drive.

Lawson is closer, and if you have an early morning shift is an easy bike ride if the buses aren’t running yet. Illium on the the other hand would be a difficult bike ride. :flower

Lawson doesn’t have any shade, whereas Illium does. :rolleyes

I guess it depends on what you can live with. :wink:

good question. I had the same one, since my sis is volunteering, and I’m in Town Park. hmmmmmm

up untill Wed before fest you can get in to Town Park …
Once Fest starts you MUST have the wristband to get past the gates
and its not only the Crew that looks for them
We do too

Last year was our first. We stayed at Mary E. and had a great time. There is lots of shade and very nice primitive camping spots. It’s also very abundant w/ fire wood. THIS IS THE ONLY CAMP THAT ALLOWS OPEN FIRES!!! (in the provided fire rings). The bus ride is kinda time consuming. Better make sure you take everything ya need the first time outta camp each day. Going back for things is a hassle. Also, the closer to the front you camp the more you’re subjected to the generator light! :frowning: Nevanice!!! The shade is great once the sun is up. But when camping in 39 degree weather give or take a few degrees…you kinda want that sun light first thing in the am. At least that was our feeling after our first t-ride experience. They had plenty of port-o-poties and a couple of dumpsters for trash. (Try to pack out everything you brought w/ you though :thumbsup ) Them dumpsters were horrible looking that last day :frowning: They also do a good job of bringing fresh potable H2O to camp. You have to lug your h2o container up to the front of camp to fill them though… Ice was brought down every morning untill the need for ice just wasnt there. All in all…it was a great time…if you end up at M.E. this info will surely help ya out!!

“up untill Wed before fest you can get in to Town Park …
Once Fest starts you MUST have the wristband to get past the gates
and its not only the Crew that looks for them
We do too”

Believe me I’m not talking about sneaking into Town Park, or trying to get in without a wristband, Not like that, What I was curious about was that as a volunteer, if we may get a wristband or access?.


I’ve been at Illium the last three years and loved it every time. I’ve never had great luck on the picking parties, really, but there are a few other players around. I always bring my guitar, and this year my brother might be bringing his bass if he comes.

If you want a good camping spot, you gotta get there in the afternoon on Wednesday at the latest, otherwise you are gonna be trying to pitch your tent in the smallest imaginable areas.

I camped in Illium a couple of times, last time in 95?
Had a tipi and a bunch of homebrew.
Was still able to have a fire in a firepan inside at that time.
Plan ahead, you don’t want to make a trip back -
I found it easier to create our own late nites,
and slip out of town earlier.
Beautiful area, perhaps most enjoyed by those with less than a
total drive to be inside the festival from start to finish, all day,
every day.