Lawson Hill Newbie with Questions! (Dish washing stations?)

Hey all!

My family wasn’t too lucky this year with TP camping, so decided to try out Lawson Hill!

Please send me any and all your tips to camping at Lawson Hill!

Camping opens on the 19th for Lawson. Is there a tarp run to claim spots like TP? We can plan to arrive on the 19th, if thats the case. However, from what I remember volunteering last year, it didn’t fill up until Friday–am I remembering correctly? What are your suggestions on when to arrive?

Are shade structures necessary?
What’s the parking like upon arrival? Can we drive our gear down to the field and then park? Or should we plan to carry it down the walking path.

Thank you for answering my many questions!! :flower

Camping starts Tuesday. It’s not usually crazy that early, so no “tarp run” like conditions. A good amount of folks do come out Tuesday and it gets pretty full by Wed/Thursday it seems. I’m getting there early because the more days at TBF the better hah. The trees in the outfield provide some shade in the morning. Parking is at the lot at the top of the hill, cant miss it. I believe there is an unload spot when you first get there. Unload all of you stuff, park, set up camp. It’ll be here soon! :thumbsup

Thank you so much for this info!! :cheers

Heyyy another question!!

Does Lawson Hill have a spot where we can wash dishes? Or do I need to bring some buckets?