Lawson Hill Disadvantages?

OK trying to make a decision here about camping areas… From reading all the other topics and posts, I have a pretty good idea about the advantages and disadvantages of Illium…but about Lawson Hill… for you experienced festivarians and Lawson campers, what would you say are the biggest drawbacks (besides the lack of shade–that’s become quite obvious) and the biggest advantages of camping at Lawson Hill?

We only stayed there last year but from that experience Lawson seemed like pretty decent camping.

Disadvantages: Tents packed in there so it becomes difficult to make your way from one side of the field to the other without getting tripped up (especially at night). Depending on which side of the field you camp on the sun can warm things up pretty quickly. That’s ok after you’ve slept in near freezing temps though.

Advantages: There is (or was last year) a coffee shop up at the top of the hill which is nice for those morning afters. Also a convenience store with all the basic needs. River runs along the side of the field providing for a quick morning head douse if needed. It’s also a quick bike ride into town/festival (around 3 miles).

I’m sure you’ll enjoy either one.

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