Lawson Hill Camping

I’m camping at Lawson Hill for the first time this year. Does anyone know what day/how early I need to get there to get a spot for about 10 people and maybe 3 or 4 tents?

Can’t wait, less than a week!

if you get there wednesday morning, you should have no problems finding the space you need!!

More Lawson Hill questions:

I am arriving Wednesday afternoon, before Yonder. :slight_smile: was just wondering how the process of setting up goes. Can I park my car nearby, unload, etc then where will I park my car. ie; how far away will my car be from my weekend campsite in Lawson?

Can I bring beer into Lawson? restrictions on glass?

Are these campground generally safe to leave minor valuables in? For example, I have a tiny portable power generator (ONLY used to inflate camping mattress) It’s worth $100, but I like to keep it in tent to add air each night before bed. If I could inflate it by mouth to make it quieter I would… just sucks on a soggy mat :huh

Can I get an estimate from Lawson Hill to festival entrance BY BIKE? Thanks friends!!! :thumbsup

I haven’t actually been before, but we are going this year and are camping at Lawson, so I’ve been doing a bit of research.

My understanding on parking is that you did get to unload right at the field and then go park. I have read that there is some parking about 5-10 minutes walk from Lawson, so maybe we’ll be put there.

The festival is 4 miles down the bike path from Lawson, so maybe 15-20 minutes.

Yes on beer at Lawson, and no glass restrictions as far as I know. I know we are planning on bringing some beer and mead to share.

I’m not sure on valuables, but I would imagine there are enough people around watching out for their neighbors that theft isn’t a big issue.


Thanks buddy :thumbsup

Nice choice of tunes. :thumbsup