Lawson Hill Campground Arrival Day?!

Hi all!

First time going to Telluride… and first time going to Telluride Bluegrass festival! Super super excited. I see the campground opens on Tuesday at 8am and I was wondering when do people typically show up to get a site for Lawson? I know it’s not one of the ‘popular’ campgrounds (we got what we could!). Will we be shit out of luck if we show up Wednesday evening or should we try to get there Tuesday? Any recommendations?



There’s so much to do in Town, and around the area, hiking, biking, eating, gondola rides etc… Not to mention there’s an epic beer share, and other events Tueasday and wednesday in the Town Park campground. And Firstgrass starts around 5pm on wednesday so you’d want to be there! We like to get our hangouts, hikes, and rides in before Festival starts, so we don’t miss music. I’ve never camped at Lawson, but it’s best to be there early for all of them if possible.

I camped at Lawson Hill one year and was sitting in the parking lot when it opened at 8:00 AM on Tuesday. It was much easier to set up before the crowd arrived. Be aware if you do get there early and run for the back - the portable toilets, showers, water and charging station are at the front entrance to the campground and the path to the front becomes challenging to navigate once all those late arrivals set up in whatever space is available.
We had a great experience at Lawson and the shuttle ride can be very entertaining. Remember to pack everything you need for the day when you leave camp because you will lose two hours of music if you leave to go back.

You will be able to pick your spot on Tuesday/into Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday evening you would still be OK, but you might have to buddy up with your neighbors. You’ll have to do that anyway :slight_smile:

I’ve stayed at Lawson two or three times. It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve always found great people there. It’s a little tougher to plan with the shuttle, but the bus is usually on time, and the rides are short and fun.

To directly answer your question, I’d get there as early as you can on Wednesday. I went on Tuesday one year, and we were one of maybe 10 tents.

Lawson Hill TBF newbie here too! I’ll dm you :slight_smile:

Will I be SOL if I can’t arrive to Lawson until Friday for camping? I’ll be ~6 mos pregnant and hoping i can still be comfortable at our campsite!

Thanks for sharing your experience!

I’ll also be 6 months pregnant :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I’m so happy when I hear I won’t be the only one! My friends all think I’m crazy for camping while pregnant :sweat_smile:

Nope! Super excited to be the pregnant ladayyy out there! Just going to get myself an air mattress vs doing my normal camping sleeping pads :slight_smile:

There will be room. It’s tight, but manageable. I wouldn’t worry.