Lawson Hill bathrooms & showers?

Does anyone know if there’s bathrooms and showers at Lawson Hill??
Thanks in advance!

Yes: porta potties and a shower trailer👍

Great - thanks!

I bought a 2.5 gallon solar water bag/shower thing for washing my hands, face, and dishes. It can sit on top or your car or hang from a tree or pole. They work great for just quick wash ups. They make bigger ones, but when full I can’t lift them to hang them up. I set a big stainless steel bowl under it to catch it if I am just rinsing something and then add it to my dishwater or I water the tree with it. Water is scarce here, please do your best to conserve. Warm water in your drinking bottle? Pour it into a potted plant or on a tree, they will thank you. Or wet a bandana and wash the dust off your neck, brush your teeth, just don’t pour it out if it can serve a second purpose. thanks and welcome to Telluride! :welcome

Is there a fee to use the shower truck? I also have a camping shower, but will save the packing space and water if the truck is free or cheap (and a hot shower in the AM beats waiting around all day for my water to warm up in the sun…not that I’d be waiting around at camp for that either!)

I think $4. Very nice high end shower trailer.

I bring mine empty and fill it when I get there. I don’t take showers with it, I use it for washing my hands and rinsing dishes. It heats up in less than an hour in the morning sun, as long as it doesn’t freeze the night before. :lol It’s only 2.5 gallons.

Are quarters needed for showers at Lawson Hill or is cash ok?