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I have attended many festivals, but this will be my first trip to the Folks Festival. I’m a little confused about what type of chair is acceptable. In the past, we have always used the typical chair-in-a-bag with arm rests, but I get the impression that these would require us to sit at the back. Do we need to accuire low, beach type chairs? Getting in and out of those it tricky for an old timer like myself. Any input is appreciated.

I take the higher backed camp chairs, and yes you do sit towards the back, but I’ve never found it an issue, as I move around during the day anyway.
This year I did spring for 2 low backed chairs though.

those low back chairs do not need to have seats as low as beach chairs. there are several models out there that are six to eight inches off the ground, have nice arms that help in getting out of them… but, seriously there are no bad seats at that site… if you sit toward the rear it is sill closer than you can usually be at big festivals.

Somewhere on this forum there is a whole thread about chairs complete with links and pictures. Maybe someone will find it and bring it forward.


I just bought these great chairs at REI yesterday. They are called “EVERYWHERE CHAIRS” by GCI, and they are in the camping dept. They have 2 styles, one has arms and is called a Wildnerness recliner and the other doesnt have arms. They are way comfortable and are made really well. They are a bit more expensive than some other chairs, but they have short legs and are off the ground just a bid

I think the guidline for chair height is that if you can roll a basketball under it, it’s not allowed. I brought the GCI “Wilderness Recliner” on sale for $39 before festival season, I think they’re $59 now. Nice chair with backpack straps to carry, cup holder and the reclining feature is a plus.

Thanks all for your imput. I’m really looking forward to the festival, wherever I sit.

Luanna, are you the same Luanna from the Winfield-l?

Well… that would be yes!


We use the everywhere chair, and love it. It is adjustable and low to the ground.

actually i am first time attender and will be coming solo. i noted in some of your pictures on the website that there were chairs that were standard folding chairs like they were set in rows. i am confused then by the lawn chair conversation and knowing that there are guidelines set up for style of chair.

i also noticed in a lot of the photos people stood. being a short person and then sitting in a low chair sounds a bit challenging. i know also that if one wishes to wait in line around midnite that wristbands are s :huhort of a lottery.

can someone kind of explain to me in more detail how the festival seating is, and if you are solo, and leave your chair to gather nutrients (food), what is the garantee of still having your seat when you get back.

silly worries i know, but it all looks pretty overwhelming. in fact the two people that i thought i had talked into coming saw the photos and was scared off by the guidelines, rules and what looked like a lot of people.

any feedback to ease my mind.

Those folding chairs you saw in someone’s pictures must have been pictures of the chairs that are right up in front of the stage in the “poser pit” for those with backstage privileges. Those chairs are uncomfortable and too close to the stage. Those of us who are just regular attendees, bring on our festival chairs, put them on our tarp each morning and yes the chairs stay there all day… though sometimes unattended. also… Festival policy says that you can sit in any unoccupied chair until the owner comes back. Common sense should dictate that, however. It’s not very much fun to have a really big person come sit on your chair and break it. We have had that happen more than once.

Attending solo? How about trying the “Hi, I am alone. Do you have room for one more chair on your tarp?” thing rather than bringing in a tarp? Or just bring a small blanket or towel and you will probably be able to find room for that easily… but i would think that you would have more fun with others. It’s easy to meet nice people at the Planet Bluegrass festivals. Some of my favorite people have been people that I have met in the line waiting to get in.

Lower chairs only in the front 3/4 or more of the field.) Taller ones toward the back and there are people there with just chairs, no tarps.

does that help?

happy festival!

It’s not very much fun to have a really big person come sit on your chair and break it. We have had that happen more than once.

I have to say that I am a big person- I however, have never broken anyone’s chair or broken mine either (now I’m feeling bad and won’t sit in someone else’s chair, in case it may break)

I too come alone, and have come two years by myself. I’ve always been invited to sit with others, but I also really like just having my Everywhere chair and my small little rug and enjoying the music and the day by myself… The crowd is great, and friendly and I never feel bad for being alone (just for being big and maybe breaking someone’s chair)

You will have such a great time!!

We met our best festival friends when they came up to us asking for some shared space. :flower

Here is a pic of the “festival during the day”.

thank you all so much for responding. i have such a love of music and only learned about the festival when i got onto patty griffins forum and tour date schedule. i usually attend small concerts so this is really a stretch for me being from wide open spaces of eastern montana.

Sara, your picture of the stage makes things appear much more intimate and close. also thanks Luanna for clarifiying the folding chair scenario. i was starting to have second thoughts about attending.

you all have made me feel a lot more confident (even the self proclaimed big guy) LOL. in coming and i hope it will be an adventure. i am hoping to meet a lot of people.

thanks again, i am getting so excited.

welcome to the fold !