Laverne Johnson - Camper spots info


My family (2 adults, 2 children under 12) has two 3-day passes, two camping passes, and two vehicle passes to camp at Laverne Johnson during the festival. I had a couple of questions about the camping that I was hoping to get clarity on before Thursday, but could not find answers to these questions in the FAQ or searching through this forum.

  1. We have a 13’ travel trailer and a Subaru Outback towing vehicle. Will we be able to park these two vehicles together?
  2. Are there in and out privileges for parked vehicles? Do you retain your space if you leave? Mostly I am wondering because I will likely be setting up the camper on Thursday morning and then getting the rest of the family later that evening, and want to understand if I will be able to park next to the camper when I come back.
  3. Can we park the travel trailer in the family camping area, or is parking for travel trailers limited to the parking area and road side only?
  4. If camping is in the parking area, is there room for a shade tent, or would that need to be set up in a separate grassy camping area? Will there be room to extend an awning out the side of our camper, or are you locked in between other vehicles?
  5. Do any precautions need to be taken to bear proof our camping area? Or are bears not an issue during the festival?

Thanks for any help! Looking forward to the festival!

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Hi, I’ll answer based on my experience at LaVern for Folks the last two years:

  1. Possibly but the Subie will need to be disconnected from the trailer. Staff will mention that too since you have vegicle passes for both car and trailer. You could possibly park them side by side in adjacent parking spots. Staff will enforce the under 18-ft rule.

  2. The vehicle camping spots are coveted and used mainly for folks sleeping in their camper. The day use lot next to the RV camping may be available for in/out use. Ask staff tomorrow morning, they will allow you to unload at your trailer during the day. They will close the gate just outside the vehicle camping area at night. Since you do have a pass for the car, they may allow re-entry, again most if not all vehicles are parked for the festival weekend.

  3. The family camping area (the one by the turn-around loop) are walk in tent sites only.

  4. Most common are folks setting up a canopy behind their trailer. This is the wide open soccer field on the map. There’s no shade so a lot of shade structures go up there. A fire lane will be marked in spray paint on the field. Parking will be tight side to side. Some campers will seek the few shade trees along the road, others will chose sun to charge their solar panels. Some folks will run their shade from the trailer to the landscape island adjacent to their parking spot if you get one of those spots tomorrow.

  5. I don’t remember if the park has on-site bear vaults or not. If they do, they will be located by the walk in tent pad sites along the river. Plan on storing food in your vehicle. I appreciate you being Bear Aware, good luck tomorrow!